Paletera Machine For SalePaletas are wholesomely delicious, fruit flavored frozen treats made using recipes that call for an infinite number of ingredients including fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, chocolate, spices, herbs, milk, heavy cream, water and/or natural sweeteners. Most paleta shops use only locally sourced, organic ingredients without any additives or preservatives.

Originating with the Aztecs a long time ago in Mexico, paletas have finally made their way into the States and are here to stay. Paletas are by far the most refreshing treat to eat on a hot summer’s day. I promise that you will never forget your first real paleta!

Commercial Popsicle MachineAs Mexican paletas become more and more popular, entrepreneurs are opening paleta shops called paleterias from coast to coast in the United States. Some say that these little ice pop shops are the next big thing and can be great investments, mainly because it costs next to nothing to start a paleta business – all you need are some decent paleta recipes, a couple paleta molds and a deep freezer!

However, once you get serious about growing your paleta business and customers are knocking down your door, you will need a lot more power – as in a heavy duty, commercial paleta machine, paletera machine, ice lolly machine or popsicle machine – to help you keep up with demand.

We offer the finest quality commercial paleta machines for sale in the United States.

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